The Rules of Recycling

The rules of recycling always seem to change, and they are different for each municipality. It can be hard to keep your head wrapped around all the guidelines. Here are a few major changes that have occurred with most curbside recycling programs over the last decade. Plastic Bottle Caps Many of us grew up being…

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Fight Food Waste this Holiday Season

From preparing expansive food layouts to layering the house with sparkly decorations and exchanging gifts upon gifts, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year is a busy one. And as busy as it gets, often times we overlook how much waste is produced when we partake in such festive activities. Unfortunately, the jolliest time of…

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Compost: Breaking it down

Composting is anything but complex. If you aren’t quite sure what it is or how it compares to fertilizer, it’s simple! Compost is organic matter that is decayed to the point at which the nutrients are made available to plants. Fertilizer is a synthetic material that is applied to soils to supply plant nutrients, usually…

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The Cherry On Top: Social Responsibility

Recently it has been noted that shoppers are more attracted to businesses that outwardly value social and environmental responsibility, acting in the best interests of society in a way that disregards profit margins. What’s better than supporting a business’ bottom-line by spending your money and not feeling guilty about it because you’re also supporting your…

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Post-Irma observations: How Florida’s marine defense line was ill-prepared

Amidst this seemingly never-ending surge of hurricanes, scientists are trying to unveil the destruction of one of the strongest storms ever observed in the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in the Caribbean before tearing up the Florida Keys, devastating homes, buildings and power infrastructure all along the way. One major environmental factor…

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Have a Sweet Spot for Biodiversity This Halloween

If you’ve heard anything about endangered species and deforestation in your lifetime, it’s possible you’ve also heard of the threat of palm oil.  Palm oil is found in mostly everything, from packaged foods to household products, to personal care and cosmetic items. And Halloween candy. It’s cheap. It’s versatile. So what could be so wrong…

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Facts about Food Waste and Wildlife

Facts about food waste and wildlife

  Facts about Food Waste and Wildlife We all remember Yogi Bear and his constant quest to steal “pic-a-nic” baskets, but little did we know how close real life would soon imitate the 1950’s cartoon.  OK, bears across the country aren’t outwitting hapless park rangers in order to steal food – they don’t have to. …

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The Quest for a Circular Economy

Quest for a circular economy

A Circular Economy The Industrial Revolution brought the human race a bevy of advancements, but unfortunately it also brought about an increase of water and air pollution, a dependence on fossil fuels, and the depletion of natural resources. As greater awareness of the consequences of our environmentally hazardous economy spreads, a call for a more…

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Composting at home: The Do’s and Don’ts

Composting at Home: Dos & Don'ts

Composting at home Do you know the number one material sent to landfills? Food waste – over 31% of the total food supply per year. Often trapped underground by other various types of garbage like plastic, the waste is broken down *anaerobically and generates 20% of US greenhouse gas emissions. A simple way to help…

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Food Waste: US vs. the European Union

Food Waste: Us vs. Europe

Food Waste Facts With an annual loss in the billions, food waste in both the United States and the European Union is responsible for a chain reaction of negative impacts including rising food costs and an increase in the number of citizens not getting enough to eat. Luckily efforts to educate people about the problem…

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