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We provide waste management solutions for unwanted resources and then recycle them into renewable energy and soil nutrients using anaerobic digestion.

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Based on the service, our clients range from municipalities and food manufacturers, to farmers, fleet drivers and beyond! Learn how we can service you.

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We’re farmers with a passion for reducing everyday waste – integrating our agricultural roots with innovative and sustainable solutions to contribute to a greener world.

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Renewable Energy Facts and Sustainability Tips

Renewable energy is derived from sources that are replenished naturally by the Earth. Before the discovery of coal deposits and the spark of the industrial revolution, most of the energy we used for heating and lighting were from renewable sources – crazy, right? Now, during this current state of environmental and global warming crises, many…

Global Water Supply – Tips to Help Keep it Clean

Water is the most valuable resource on this Earth. Whether or not we realize it, our everyday actions as humans contribute to the pollution of our global water supply. What we put down our drains and flush down the toilet, what we throw on the ground, or even how we wash our cars – all…

Organic Fertilizer or Synthetic: What’s the difference?

What is the difference between organic fertilizer and synthetic fertilizer? Fertilizers come from a variety of sources – both natural and man-made – and play a huge role in the long-term health of our soils. It’s important to understand how organic and synthetic fertilizers compare and how they’re impacting our environment. Organic fertilizers are typically…

Let’s Talk About Poop

Where Does Poop Go After You Flush it down? Poop goes down the sewer pipes and to a wastewater treatment facility, but then what? This is a dirty topic – we know – but it needs to be more openly discussed, because all of that waste doesn’t just disappear after treatment. There are nearly 7.6…

Anaerobic Digestion vs. Composting

Anaerobic digestion vs. composting. They definitely have similarities. Most importantly, they both keep waste out of landfills. But they’re not exactly the same. Here’s the scoop:

The Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

Right now most organic waste – like food scraps – is being tossed into landfills where it releases harmful emissions into the environment. If we could anaerobically digest 50 percent of this waste, we could create enough clean energy to power 2.5 million homes for a year! But the benefits of anaerobic digestion don’t end…

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