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A Closed-Loop System


Renergy diverts organic waste from landfills and produces renewable energy. Utilizing a process known as Anaerobic Digestion, we repurpose agricultural, municipal, and food waste into renewable energy and fertilizer to help reduce carbon emissions and preserve our environment.

Results-Driven Solutions


Based on the service, our clients and partners range from municipalities and commercial food manufacturers, to farmers, transportation companies, and utilities.  Learn how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

A Long-Term Vision


Renergy, Inc. is a green energy company that currently operates two anaerobic digester facilities in Ohio. We have a passion for reducing everyday waste – integrating our agricultural roots with innovative and sustainable solutions to contribute to a greener world.

Building a Better Tomorrow FUELING THE FUTURE TODAY

Renewable Energy & Sustainability News Renergy Blog

Renewable Energy & Sustainability News Renergy Blog

Biomethane Legislation For The Win!

New Biomethane Legislation in California With the ongoing climate crisis, the business sector is pushing for more support of biogas projects and biomethane legislation across the globe. Biomethane, also called renewable natural gas, is produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. It is used for fuel and heating applications. Not only does the use…

Keeping a Healthy Anaerobic Digester Diet

What Does a Healthy Anaerobic Digester Diet Consist of? Digesters love organic waste – like foods, manure and biosolids. But the compositions and methane potentials of these different waste streams are important factors to consider when feeding a digester. Here are a few facts we live by to ensure a healthy anaerobic digester diet at…

Industrial Waste & Anaerobic Digestion

What Types of Industrial Waste Can an Anaerobic Digester Process? Anaerobic digesters may seem like complex systems, but in reality they aren’t. They function similarly to a human digestive system; they get upset, like a stomach, when undesired materials are inputted into their tank. Digesters strictly require organic materials, “organic” meaning that it comes from…

A Fair Solution: Pricing Pollution

Integrating Carbon Pricing into Society Pricing carbon pollution is one solution to lowering the emissions created from fossil fuel use and encouraging investment in clean energy options. A carbon pricing program brings responsibility to polluters by putting a price tag on greenhouse gas emissions. And, honestly, it makes a lot of sense. Carbon pollution is…

Interesting Facts about Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestion Facts Anaerobic digestion is a natural process in which organic waste materials are broken down in the absence of oxygen. There are two byproducts of anaerobic digestion: renewable energy and a nutrient-rich fertilizer. Although it’s a widely used process, not many people are fully aware of the benefits this amazing technology brings society.…

Forget Fast Fashion with a Sustainable Wardrobe

Fast Fashion, No…Sustainable Wardrobe, Yes. Fast fashion is a huge problem ethically and environmentally. Fast fashion refers to the quick and cheap production of clothing in labor shops based in developing countries. There used to be simple seasons for fashion: spring/summer and fall/winter. Today, the fashion industry considers every week to be a new season,…

Going Beyond the Farm


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A partnership with Renergy is more than just a product or service. It is a decision to participate in a more sustainable world through smart business solutions that your customers care about.

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