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We provide waste management solutions for unwanted resources and then recycle them into renewable energy and soil nutrients using anaerobic digestion.

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Based on the service, our clients range from municipalities and food manufacturers, to farmers, fleet drivers and beyond! Learn how we can service you.

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We’re farmers with a passion for reducing everyday waste – integrating our agricultural roots with innovative and sustainable solutions to contribute to a greener world.

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Let’s Talk About Poop

Where Does Poop Go After You Flush it down? Poop goes down the sewer pipes and to a wastewater treatment facility, but then what? This is a dirty topic – we know – but it needs to be more openly discussed, because all of that waste doesn’t just disappear after treatment. There are nearly 7.6…

Anaerobic Digestion vs. Composting

Anaerobic digestion vs. composting. They definitely have similarities. Most importantly, they both keep waste out of landfills. But they’re not exactly the same. Here’s the scoop:

The Benefits of Anaerobic Digestion

Right now most organic waste – like food scraps – is being tossed into landfills where it releases harmful emissions into the environment. If we could anaerobically digest 50 percent of this waste, we could create enough clean energy to power 2.5 million homes for a year! But the benefits of anaerobic digestion don’t end…

The Rules of Recycling

The rules of recycling always seem to change, and they are different for each municipality. It can be hard to keep your head wrapped around all the guidelines. Here are a few major changes that have occurred with most curbside recycling programs over the last decade. Plastic Bottle Caps Many of us grew up being…

Fight Food Waste this Holiday Season

From preparing expansive food layouts to layering the house with sparkly decorations and exchanging gifts upon gifts, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year is a busy one. And as busy as it gets, often times we overlook how much waste is produced when we partake in such festive activities. Unfortunately, the jolliest time of…

Compost: Breaking it down

Composting is anything but complex. If you aren’t quite sure what it is or how it compares to fertilizer, it’s simple! Compost is organic matter that is decayed to the point at which the nutrients are made available to plants. Fertilizer is a synthetic material that is applied to soils to supply plant nutrients, usually…

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