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3 Countries Running on Renewable Energy


Renewable energy doesn’t only benefit the environment. It also has a positive impact on the economy. Its development creates jobs and the implementation of renewable energy resources cuts down on the need for pricy imports.

There are actually several countries around the world that operate on 100 percent renewable energy, including:

Bonaire: The switch from fossil-fueled to renewable energy meant more affordable electricity for this Caribbean island’s 14,500 residents. Bonaire houses 12 wind turbines that generate almost all of its power. The country is also developing a system that would use local algae to create biofuel.

Costa Rica: Last month, Costa Rica’s president announced that the country had been running on 100 percent renewable energy since the start of 2015 and is working on plans to become carbon neutral within the next six years. They’re investing in hydropower and geothermal power (volcanoes!) and considering wind and solar options as well.

Iceland: The island currently generates all of its energy with renewables, which is largely attributed to hydropower – approximately two-thirds. Like Costa Rica, Iceland also taps its volcanic roots for development of geothermal renewable energy. This supplies nearly all of Iceland’s heat and hot water!

Here in the United States, local and state governments in places like California and Texas are also working on plans for energy independence. Renergy works with municipalities to develop smart and creative waste solutions, which can be used to power everything from homes to cars!


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  1. Saroja B on December 1, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    It’s great to learn that the counties are prioritizing the usage of natural resources and contributing their part in environment health. Good information. Thank you for sharing.