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3 Places In the U.S. Where They Use Reclaimed Water

3 Places In the U.S. Where They Use Reclaimed Water - Renergy

Not only is reclaimed water safe and effective, it’s also highly beneficial to the environment. Florida, San Diego and San Antonio have all implemented water treatment facilities that supply H20 for a number of public and private services.

Florida: The Sunshine State is home to more than 3,700 wastewater facilities and nearly 75 percent of those are designed to collect and treat reclaimed water for homes and businesses. Florida reuses its captured and sanitized water in a number of ways: To irrigate its myriad golf courses, for toilet flushing and decorative fountains, even agricultural uses like irrigating crops and pasturelands.

San Diego County: When it comes to filling its lakes and ponds, San Diego turns to reclaimed water. Right now the county reuses about 30,000 acre-feet of recycled water but that number is projected to grow by 43,000 acre-feet per year through 2020. Reclaimed water irrigates San Diego’s parks and school athletic fields, and is also used in certain industrial processes as well as for flushing toilets in non-residential dwellings.

San Antonio, TX: In San Antonio, 130+ miles of pipeline delivers high-quality reclaimed water to golf courses, parks, commercial and industrial customers. Even the city’s famous River Walk is fed by recycled water! San Antonio’s system is equipped to provide up to 35,000 acre-feet – or 29 million gallons per day. Not only that, but its reclaimed water facilities are also setup to send baseflows to the Upper San Antonio River and Salado Creek, greatly improving its natural water ecosystems.

Resources are scarce, so it makes sense to repurpose what’s already there. We’re taking waste and turning it into clean natural resources like water. Read more about what we do.


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