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3 Renewable Energy Projects To Watch

3 Renewable Energy Projects To Watch

New developments that push the world away from fossil fuels and toward a future powered by renewable energy seem to break ground every day. As global policies continue to promote renewables and put a price on carbon, they’ll inspire more innovative ventures. For now, here are three renewable energy projects to follow today.

Rhode Island’s Offshore Wind Farm: The first project of its kind in the United States, the construction of five offshore wind turbines at Block Island, RI will create 300 construction jobs and produce 30 megawatts of power – that’s enough to provide electricity to nearby homes and businesses, and send power inland via an underwater cable!

The World’s First Solar Road: SolaRoad opened its test bike path in The Netherlands about six months ago and it’s already producing more renewable energy than expected. The trail covers only 230 feet of a Dutch village but has created enough electricity to power a single family home for an entire year.

An Unexpected Attraction at The Detroit Zoo: The Detroit Zoo is saving $120,000 in energy and waste disposal costs each year with anaerobic digestion, and it’s also turning an endless supply of animal manure into renewable energy. Anaerobic digestion will generate up to 8 percent of the zoo’s annual electricity needs.

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Cari Oberfield