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5 Companies Making Big-Time Renewable Energy Investments

5 Companies Making Big-Time Renewable Energy Investments - Renergy

When large companies set a precedent, it’s more likely that other businesses will follow suit. That’s why it’s so important that some of the world’s largest organizations – like Google, Amazon and even Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway – are committing serious dollars to renewable energy projects that will power a cleaner, brighter future.

Google: The Internet giant is making a $300 million investment in renewable energy – its largest yet – by contributing to San Mateo, California-based SolarCity and supporting the development of approximately 25,000 rooftop power plants.

IKEA: With a plan to be energy independent in their stores by 2020, IKEA is investing $680 million into renewable energy over the next 5 years, adding additional solar and wind power systems to locations across the globe.

Amazon: Critics say Amazon has been slow on the clean energy pickup, but last month the company announced that it’s building Virginia’s largest solar project; an 80-megawatt solar farm to power its nearby Amazon Services data centers.

Cisco Systems: NRG Energy is building a 153-acre solar farm in Blythe, California, near the Arizona border, and when complete Cisco will buy renewable energy from the plant at a fixed rate for 20 years – the project will employ 200 workers during construction.

Berkshire Hathaway: Warren Buffet is doubling down on his wind and solar bet, spending $30 billion on renewable energy projects in Iowa, Wyoming, California and Arizona for his Berkshire Hathaway Energy division; he’d previously committed $15 billion.

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Cari Oberfield