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5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips!

5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips

Who said sustainability can’t be spooky? Check out these eco-friendly halloween tips on how to throw the best GREEN Halloween party – and we aren’t talkin’ about goblins.


1. Costumes


Instead of going out and buying an overpriced costume that you will likely never wear again, consider making your own! If necessary go to a secondhand store to craft your costume with recycled clothing.


2. Party


When throwing a Halloween party, there is a lot you can do to keep it sustainable yet spooky. Try reusing decorations from previous years, or making your own with items around the house! For example, old stockings can be used to make spider webs and packing peanuts can be crafted into spiders with pipe cleaner legs. Additionally, cut down on waste by avoiding disposable utensils and cups.


3. Pumpkins

eco-friendly halloween tips pumpkins


Pumpkins are essential halloween decor. Make sure to buy your pumpkins from local farmers or farmers’ markets, or grow your own! If you’re carving your pumpkins, don’t dump the seeds. Pumpkin seeds make a great snack when roasted with a little salt and olive oil.

After the halloween festivities, compost your pumpkins instead of throwing them in the trash!


4. Trick-or-treat bags


There’s no need to buy a container to collect candy! Consider using household items that you already own – such as a bucket, pillowcase or reusable bag – to carry your treats.


5. Treats


When handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, try to use locally produced treats with minimal packaging. A gold star if you check the labels to avoid goodies that aren’t sustainably-sourced and contain palm oil!

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