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7 Smart Uses for Reclaimed Water

7 Smart Users for Reclaimed Water - Renergy

We’ve already made a case for why we should all be using more reclaimed water – conserves and produces energy, preserves ecosystems, makes for better soil, etc. – but that led to another question: How can we use it? Well, let us count the ways…

Urban & Residential Use:

  • Drinkable H20 shouldn’t be wasted on ornamental landscape; reclaimed water can supply everything from golf courses to fountains and ponds.
  • Fire protection! Fire hydrants in Los Angeles County, for example, are supplied by the region’s recycled water.
  • Did you know that the average toilet uses nearly 2 gallons of water per flush? Sometimes more if it’s an older model. Rather than flushing valuable resources down the drain (literally), some residential and commercial developments stock systems with reclaimed water.
  • When it comes to cleanup, reclaimed water can also be used for dust control and concrete mixing on construction sites, and even for car and window washing.

Industrial Use:

  • In Florida, the Curtis Stanton Energy Center uses 8 million gallons of reclaimed water per day to cool its plant boilers. The liquid is pumped in through a domestic wastewater treatment facility in Orlando.
  • The use of effluent H20 is so cool; it’s hot – like in Massachusetts, where it’s being turned into boiler make-up water to produce steam for UMass Amherst.
  • Certain processes can turn reclaimed water into a higher-quality grade than regular drinking water. Coca-Cola’s system does this and the company utilizes the output for clean-in-place and bottle washing.

At Renergy, we’re taking a smart and sustainable approach to waste, repurposing wastewater into clean, natural resources.

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Cari Oberfield