Who We Are


Renergy is a green energy company founded by a third-generation farmer with a passion for progressive agriculture. The founder used this passion to implement a closed-loop system to recycle waste into energy and nutrients through anaerobic digestion. We have two anaerobic digester facilities located in Ohio. As a team, Renergy is committed to helping industries save and communities conserve through the responsible use of bioenergy.

In one year, Renergy generates

homes powered with renewable energy
tons of natural fertilizer produced
tons of CO2 displaced

What We Do

Our system at Renergy tackles three challenges of today: renewable energy generation, landfill waste diversion, and sustainable soil nutrients and water utilization. By partnering with industrial, municipal and agricultural businesses, we are able to recycle waste into a resource.

How We Do It

Renergy utilizes a process known as anaerobic digestion, in which microorganisms break down organic material in the absence of oxygen.

We input the organic material into our biodigestion tanks where it is broken down to produce a methane-based biogas. The biogas is captured and used to create renewable energy that powers homes and businesses. This process also creates a nutrient-rich fertilizer for soil amendment. 

Why We Do It

Renergy is fully committed to understanding the impact we and our partners have on the environment. We believe sustainable solutions can change our communities and our world.

Instead of allowing food waste and municipal waste to decompose in a landfill, polluting our air, we responsibly put it to work in a closed-loop system that recycles beneficial resources back to the environment.

We strive to lead the way in finding innovative solutions that build a more sustainable future.