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Biomethane Legislation For The Win!

New Biomethane Legislation in California

With the ongoing climate crisis, the business sector is pushing for more support of biogas projects and biomethane legislation across the globe.

Biomethane, also called renewable natural gas, is produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. It is used for fuel and heating applications.

Not only does the use of biomethane reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it also promotes organic waste diversion from the landfill.

A few weeks ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1440. This bill authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission to adopt a biomethane procurement program. Ideally, the program will be cost effective, beneficial to ratepayers and supportive of state environmental and energy policies.

With support from the RNG Coalition and the signing of this new law, California will further meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals. This legislation aims to help biomethane producers incorporate more clean energy technology in the state.

Using biomethane for energy is better than burning fossil fuels.

Biomethane is created through the process of anaerobic digestion. During digestion, biogases are fully contained and cleaned up into nearly pure methane. Burning fossil fuels allows emissions to escape into the air as harmful greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels are also derived from non-renewable sources.

With an increase in support for biomethane, we hope there is more investment in anaerobic digestion technology across the nation.



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Cari Oberfield