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Are Plastic Eating Mushrooms the Solution?

Plastic Eating Mushrooms Every year enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times. Ending up in landfills, waterways and our oceans, polyurethane based plastics take 500-1000 years to degrade – but there is hope that we might not have to wait that long. The discovery of plastic eating mushrooms, an Amazonian fungus…

What is so bad about plastic straws? A lot…

What’s the big deal about using plastic straws? A lot if you consider the environment! One study shows that 8.3 billion straws pollute the world’s beaches.

Waking Up Our Leaders To The Effects Of Global Warming

What will it take to reverse global warming? When Consumers and investors experience a quantifiable financial downturn due to the effects of global warming.

Support for the Environment at the State-Level

Many ballot intiatives concerning climate change were rejected in the mid-term elections, but there is still support for the environment at the state-level!

4 Renewable Energy Facts

4 Renewable Energy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Renewable energy is experiencing a growth faster than any other source of energy in the world. Here are 4 renewable energy facts that you probably didn’t know! 1. In 2017, the creation of new solar power capacity beat all other energy sources. The cost of producing one megawatt-hour…

5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips!

5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips Who said sustainability can’t be spooky? Check out these eco-friendly halloween tips on how to throw the best GREEN Halloween party – and we aren’t talkin’ about goblins.   1. Costumes   Instead of going out and buying an overpriced costume that you will likely never wear again, consider making your…