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Cool Things Being Powered by Renewable Energy

It was estimated that in 2013, about 22 percent of the world’s energy came from clean, renewable sources. It’s a great lead, but only just the beginning. From cars to countries and even waste management systems, the potential of renewable energy for powering the globe is seemingly endless.

UK Bio-BusThe U.K. has a “bio-bus” that is powered by biomethane gas generated through the treatment of sewage. The bus produces 30% fewer emissions compared to diesel buses, and can travel nearly 186 miles with a full tank.

New York City’s Food Trucks: The Big Apple’s new program aims to put 500 energy-efficient, solar-powered, food trucks and carts on city streets by summer 2016. The carts could cut fossil fuel emissions by 60 percent.

Oh, Just The Entire Country of Costa Rica: In March the Central American country announced it was running entirely on renewable energy thanks to a combination of hydropower plants and geothermal, solar and wind sources.

The World’s First Solar Road: Last year The Netherlands opened the world’s first solar road. Designed specifically for bikes, the 230-foot path generates enough energy through riders to power three Dutch homes.

Nestlé Chocolate Company’s UK Plant: Anaerobic digestion is turning chocolate and sugar confectionary waste into renewable energy and clean water at Nestlé’s England location. The biogas that’s produced creates enough heat and power to meet 10 percent of energy needs.

And…Trash Cans?: Yes, you read that right! A company called Big Belly sells solar-powered trash compactors. They’re expensive at about $4,000 per unit, but the idea is that by using the sun’s power to compact trash, it cuts down on weekly pickup costs.

We believe in the power of renewable energy to build a brighter, cleaner future. Read more Renewable Energy Facts to inspire positive change.

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