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New CNG Fueling Station Now Open in Marengo, OH

New CNG Fueling Station Open in Marengo, OH - Renergy

As of today, Renergy and IGS CNG Services’ new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station is officially open to the public! Visit the station, located at the intersection of Interstate 71 and Ohio State Route 61 in Marengo, OH, to sign up for a Renergy fleet card.

The unmanned station has six CNG pumps, and services businesses and residents who want to save money and use clean, alternative fuel in their natural gas vehicles. Customers can use IGS or Renergy fleet cards as well as other major credit cards to pay for fuel.

Being located off I-71 ensures that heavy trucks and passenger vehicles traveling the corridor between Cleveland and Columbus have convenient access to CNG without range anxiety.

CNG is a cleaner burning alternative fuel that emits up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide, approximately 75 percent less carbon monoxide, and nearly 95 percent less particulate matter than gasoline or diesel. CNG also typically costs less than the price of gasoline and it’s about 20 to 40 percent below current diesel prices.

Renergy’s transportation division will anchor the new station with a fleet of CNG vehicles used to transport organic waste from customers – food manufacturers, municipalities and farmers.

These efforts are all just a part of our companywide program to create a closed-loop sustainable system for zero waste and renewable energy.

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Cari Oberfield