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New report: 16.3% of U.S. energy is now renewable

Big news for the US energy market, which has historically lagged behind Europe in the adoption of renewable energy sources: according to the most recent “Energy Infrastructure Update” from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Energy Projects, renewable energy sources now account for 16.3 percent of total installed operating generating capacity in the U.S.

Here’s how it breaks down:


From January through July of 2014, renewable sources have accounted for more than half of the 4,758 MW of new U.S. electrical capacity. With July being the largest month to date, there has been no new electrical generating capacity from either coal or nuclear in 2014. That’s a big win for Mother Earth!

Biomass solutions, like those that Renergy offers, still generate significantly less energy for the power grid than hydro and wind sources. Although this is not the first time recent years that all of a month’s new capacity has been generated by renewable sources, the overall capacity is still dominated by fossil fuel sources. Renergy is constantly looking for new partnerships to extend our renewable energy contributions to the U.S. power grid. Take a look at what we do right now.

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Cari Oberfield