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Renergy Brings Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Delaware, OH

Renergy Brings Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Delaware, OH - Renergy

Renergy is excited to announce the city of Delaware will soon have its first-ever public electric vehicle charging stations. Tentatively, the two stations are slated for installation in a city parking lot near the intersection of William and Sandusky Streets.

One of our top missions at Renergy is to work with communities to help them become more sustainable. The city of Delaware is especially important to us as three members of our senior management team were born and raised there.

Renergy will install and operate the electric vehicle charging stations free of charge while The City will provide the electricity. The stations can be used to charge the batteries of both electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our hope is that this project will raise awareness in the community about the City’s environmental initiatives and encourage residents to think green. Renergy currently processes the City’s biosolids, diverting their waste from landfills and converting it to energy. Installing charging stations is another step in the right direction to promote sustainability.

Now, residents from neighboring communities who own electric vehicles can make the drive to Delaware to shop and eat without worrying about range. We hope the project will also encourage residents to consider purchasing an electric vehicle as a way to further reduce the city’s overall carbon footprint.

You can read more about the project in this article from The Delaware Gazette: Electric vehicle charging stations coming to Delaware.

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