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Renergy Powers Pitstick Farms With Clean, Green Energy

Renergy Powers Pitstick Farms With Clean, Green Energy

At Renergy, our anaerobic digestion system takes organic, food and agricultural waste, and converts it to clean renewable energy, heat, nutrients and reclaimed water. Our process works in a way that’s good for both the economy and environment, turning waste into natural resources for cities, businesses and farms.

Renergy’s Dovetail Energy facility near Dayton, Ohio has partnered with Tom Pitstick to provide sustainable waste solutions and renewable energy for nearby, family-run, Pitstick Farms.

Manure and organic waste from the farm is processed in our anaerobic digester (AD), producing biogas that is converted to renewable energy. Enough energy is created to provide electricity for the farm, as well as a low-cost heat source for its onsite nursery.

In addition to energy, the byproduct of our AD process is concentrated organic fertilizer and reclaimed water that is used for the farm’s corn, soybean and wheat crops.

Pitstick Farms is powering operations with its own resources all while being a good steward of the environment.

Renergy and Pitstick are diverting significant amounts of biomass and waste away from landfills. Together, we’re turning otherwise harmful methane gas emissions into valuable power and radiant heat. But this only scratches the surface of the opportunity that anaerobic digestion affords!

Our team at Renergy is constantly evaluating ways to achieve responsible environmental goals. Farmers, municipalities and corporations can use our services to turn waste into green electricity, fuel and even reclaimed water. Learn more about what we do.

Cari Oberfield