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Ringler Energy is now Renergy


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There are many exciting updates to share this month. The first of which, you may have noticed, is that we’ve changed our name from Ringler Energy to Renergy (ren-er-gy). You’ll find us online here at

What’s the reason for the name change? We wanted to stay true to our roots (you’ll see pigs and agriculture play a large part of our story here on so we chose an “R” name, but we also wanted to rebrand ourselves just a bit with a name that ties into some of the things we’re passionate about: energy and re-thinking, re-purposing, re-ducing…you get the idea!

We’ve also moved! Renergy, Ringler Feedlots, Ringler Livestock and Ringler Farms have relocated our headquarters to a newly renovated space in Marengo, Ohio. We now operate two bioenergy facilities, and our first alternative fuel station, located at I-71 and State Route 61 in Marengo will be open for business later this year. That’s right, soon you can fuel your fleet with Renergy CNG!

Many new faces have joined the Ringler “family” including partner Mike Oberfield who took the reins as Chief Operating Officer in early 2014. Angela Bower, our Office & Accounting Manager, joined us this summer and has quickly become the go-to person for administration of all Ringler companies. Another recent hire is Lew Wood, a Senior Project Manager responsible for project management and operational improvement initiatives. These new members of the family along with a few others are a great complement to our already exceptional team.

A change you will see beginning this month is that Renergy will become our primary customer-facing business. All accounting, sales and marketing, and administrative work will be done by Renergy. Correspondence that might have come from another of our entities will very likely come from Renergy in the future.

The Ringler Family is proud to continue its long history as a leader in progressive agriculture, livestock and livestock nutrition, and alternative energy solutions. On behalf of everyone at Ringler, Inc., I appreciate our business partnerships and look forward to working with you in the future. Feel free to drop by and visit our facilities and our team. And subscribe to our e-newsletter up there in the right corner so we can keep you in the loop and give you the scoop!


Alex Ringler, CEO

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