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Support for the Environment at the State-Level

Mid-Term Election Results: Hope remains as support for the environment is shown at the state-level

As we all know, climate change is a global issue. After the mid-term elections, however, it was discovered that many of the ballot initiatives concerning climate change and environmental issues were rejected by voters across the United States. Nonetheless, there still is hope as governors and state representatives show support for the environment at the state-level. Here’s a quick rundown of a number of politicians taking action against climate change:


  • Governor Jared Polis in Colorado, as well as J.B. Pritzker in Illinois, Tony Evers  in Wisconsin, Gretchen Witmer in Michigan, and Stephen Sisolak in Nevada, all support a shift in their state to become 100% reliant on renewable energy for electricity by 2040.


  • Janet Mills of Maine has set an aggressive goal to reduce climate pollution 80%  by 2030, and she also supports the development of offshore wind energy projects in the state. Furthermore, Mills will work to make solar energy more widespread and beneficial to the community.


  • Many of the new members of Congress support the phasing out of oil, gas, and coal consumption. These members, who won their first elections in 2018, include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Sean Casten of Illinois and Elaine Luria of Virginia.


  • California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order that commits the state to carbon neutrality across the board by 2045. In addition, Brown signed a law mandating that the electricity consumed by state does not cause carbon emissions by 2045. California is experiencing an ongoing transition away from fossil fuels for energy.


While change at the federal level may be difficult right now, we still have a strong team of state lawmakers that support the fight against climate change.



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