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5 Companies Operating Compressed Natural Gas Fleets


Compressed natural gas emits up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide and costs less than the price of gasoline. All around the country, businesses with a stake in the trucking industry are taking advantage of these environmental and economic benefits. Here are just a few: Frito-Lay: In 2007, one third of the snack company’s greenhouse…

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New CNG Fueling Station Now Open in Marengo, OH

New CNG Fueling Station Open in Marengo, OH - Renergy

As of today, Renergy and IGS CNG Services’ new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station is officially open to the public! Visit the station, located at the intersection of Interstate 71 and Ohio State Route 61 in Marengo, OH, to sign up for a Renergy fleet card. The unmanned station has six CNG pumps, and…

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Why aren’t there more compressed natural gas trucks on the road?


Compressed natural gas (CNG) is the cleanest burning transportation fuel and produces 20% to 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum. So why are diesel-powered vehicles still dominating the North American trucking industry? In 2014, trucking industry experts predicted that sales of compressed natural gas vehicles would double from the previous year to nearly 16,000…

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New CNG Fueling Station in Marengo, OH


We’re partnering with IGS CNG Services on the construction of a CNG fueling station at the intersection of Interstate 71 and Ohio State Route 61. The Compressed Natural Gas station broke ground in January 2015 and is scheduled to open in early summer of this year. It’s a partnership that made sense from the start.…

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