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Renewable Energy Facts and Sustainability Tips

renewable energy facts windmill sunflowers

Renewable energy is derived from sources that are replenished naturally by the Earth. Before the discovery of coal deposits and the spark of the industrial revolution, most of the energy we used for heating and lighting were from renewable sources – crazy, right? Now, during this current state of environmental and global warming crises, many…

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Global Water Supply – Tips to Help Keep it Clean

Flower in clear water - global water supply how to keep it clean

Water is the most valuable resource on this Earth. Whether or not we realize it, our everyday actions as humans contribute to the pollution of our global water supply. What we put down our drains and flush down the toilet, what we throw on the ground, or even how we wash our cars – all…

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Organic Fertilizer or Synthetic: What’s the difference?

What is the difference between organic fertilizer and synthetic fertilizer? Fertilizers come from a variety of sources – both natural and man-made – and play a huge role in the long-term health of our soils. It’s important to understand how organic and synthetic fertilizers compare and how they’re impacting our environment. Organic fertilizers are typically…

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The Rules of Recycling

The rules of recycling always seem to change, and they are different for each municipality. It can be hard to keep your head wrapped around all the guidelines. Here are a few major changes that have occurred with most curbside recycling programs over the last decade. Plastic Bottle Caps Many of us grew up being…

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Compost: Breaking it down

Composting is anything but complex. If you aren’t quite sure what it is or how it compares to fertilizer, it’s simple! Compost is organic matter that is decayed to the point at which the nutrients are made available to plants. Fertilizer is a synthetic material that is applied to soils to supply plant nutrients, usually…

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The Cherry On Top: Social Responsibility

Recently it has been noted that shoppers are more attracted to businesses that outwardly value social and environmental responsibility, acting in the best interests of society in a way that disregards profit margins. What’s better than supporting a business’ bottom-line by spending your money and not feeling guilty about it because you’re also supporting your…

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