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USDA & EPA Join Forces to Reduce Food Waste

USDA & EPA Join Forces to Reduce Food Waste - RenergyIn the United States, food waste accounts for approximately 31 percent (133 billion pounds) of the overall food supply. The average American family throws away 2 million calories-worth of uneaten food each year. Not only is that a drain on resources, it’s also a significant source of harmful methane emissions.

To combat the issue, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency created a program that will help cut food waste in half by the year 2030.

The country’s first-ever national food waste reduction initiative will support charitable and faith-based organizations, the private sector, and local, state and tribal governments in their own efforts to reduce food loss.

By doing so, the program will cut back on the amount of food in landfills. It’s a much-needed change, as methane that’s emitted from decomposing food has 21x the global warming potential of carbon dioxide!

Not to mention, if we were to cut back on food waste by just 15 percent, we’d be able to feed more than 25 million Americans every year.

The joint venture between the USDA and EPA is an on-going initiative. So far programs like the U.S. Food Waste Challenge have recruited 4,000+ participants and leaders across the food chain in a discussion on best practices for reducing, recovering and recycling food waste.

The recycling of food waste is a major focal point for Renergy. A large percentage of our partners are food manufacturers looking to decrease their carbon footprint by diverting organic waste from landfills.

But it’s not just about business for us – it’s a passionate investment in a healthy environment and a green future for all. This new program from the USDA and EPA is great for the environment as a whole. It’s just the start, but it’s a strong start.


Cari Oberfield