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Waste to Energy: 5 Cool Things Powered By Waste

Waste to Energy: 5 Cool Things Powered By Waste - Renergy

What do food scraps, manure, and twigs, leaves and branches have in common? They hold a lot of power. With today’s waste to energy technology, everything from theme parks to your next flight could be powered by waste!

Disneyland: Yes, that’s right. Anaerobic digesters installed at The Magic Kingdom convert the park’s 100 daily tons of food waste to energy for its 40-square-miles. The system uses a mixture of food waste, fats, oils and grease, and treated sewage.

Buses in Bristol, England: The English town is launching a fleet of waste-powered buses as part of an initiative to improve air quality in the city. Next year brings 10 new vehicles to the lineup, which will run on gas and inedible food.

This Farmhouse in Rural Spain: As part of a new technology test, this small Spanish home is being powered by waste…poo, kitchen scraps and horse manure to be exact. Its internal waste-to-energy system converts the biosolids to hot water, heat and gas for cooking.

Boeing Airplanes: The aviation company’s Canadian branch is testing a new biofuel made from forest-industry waste to determine whether it can power airports and ground transportation vehicles on a large scale.

Corporate Trucking Fleets: From Frito-Lay to AT&T and even UPS, some of North America’s largest companies are turning to natural gas powered by waste for trucking fleets. By doing so, the corporations are emitting up to 30 percent less CO2 than they would with regular gasoline.

Renergy’s anaerobic digestion process makes it possible for your home, business, vehicle or farm to be powered by waste in an eco-friendly way. Read more about what we do.

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