Renergy recycles organic waste from food manufacturers, local municipalities, and agricultural farms at our facilities for beneficial re-use.

We also recycle packaged foods that are expired or off spec (don’t meet specific standards for consumption). Once processed, the packaging materials are bailed and recycled, while the organics are processed in our biodigestors. Our depackaging equipment can process steel and aluminum cans, cardboard containers and plastic pouches.

Renergy works to conserve landfill space and reduce our clients’ carbon footprint with sustainable waste management options.



Through anaerobic digestion, we are able to take a liability and recycle it into a resource. Our system at Renergy challenges traditional methodologies of organic waste management by capturing methane and converting it into renewable energy.

Renergy strives to be completely carbon neutral by utilizing renewable energy sources and producing zero green house gas emissions during operations.


Fuel your fleet with our compressed natural gas (CNG)! Renergy partners with IGS Energy to provide a local CNG station conveniently located in central Ohio off of I-71. Our station services Renergy’s transportation division, along with other alternative fuel vehicles in the area.

Renergy aims to reduce overall emissions from the transportation sector by providing green fueling options for eco-conscious drivers.



A byproduct of anaerobic digestion is a nutrient-rich fertilizer. Our fertilizer provides essential crop nutrients, organic matter, and improved overall soil health to local farms.

Renergy offers an alternative to synthetic fertilizers derived from the petroleum industry with our sustainably sourced, organic fertilizer.