Renergy partners with food manufacturers and industrial businesses to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to a landfill. With more than one-third of the nation’s food supply tossed in the trash every year, Renergy has taken action to help reroute these valuable materials starting with our community in Ohio. We offer waste management services at a competitive price, and ensure that all of your organics are put to their maximum use.


Fleet Drivers

Our CNG station provides a cleaner, more efficient fuel to traditional diesel and gasoline fuel. Being located off of I-71 ensures that heavy trucks and passenger vehicles traveling in central Ohio have convenient access to CNG. Retrofitting your vehicle to CNG can cut costs and help mitigate green house gas emissions!



Our fertilizer is packed with organic matter, bringing soil health and a prosperous growing season to farmers at a reduced cost compared to synthetic fertilizers. Our digestion process provides local farmers a responsible way to dispose of agricultural waste, power their farms, and feed their crops.