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AgSTAR promotes Anaerobic digestion

Renergy is a leader in providing biowaste solutions for food manufacturers, municipalities, agriculture partners and just about any business or public sector that produces biowaste.

AgSTAR, one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s several climate-protection programs, promotes investments in alternative energy technologies by encouraging the development and use of anaerobic digestion (AD) technology in the livestock sector.

In 2013, AD technology like Renergy’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2.53 MMTCO2e. It’s hard to really picture the impact this type of reduction has on the environment. Take a look at this diagram to see what else creates this amount of emissions.


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Renergy reduces methane emissions from organic waste producing operations, which is one of the primary benefits of working with us to rethink your waste management strategy. By working with us to remove your biowaste and convert it to power, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve reduced your overall carbon footprint by reducing your biogas emissions. Find out more about what we do and contact us today for a quote!

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